Eastside Market Italian Deli

Eastside Market Italian Deli

Eastside Market Italian Deli
Meet Old School and Recognize.

This is such a refreshing establishment.

Zero pretension. Lots of old school charm.

Eastside Market Italian Deli is a no muss no fuss sandwich shop that serves up high quality, traditional Italian subs.

I gots the meatball with a side of sausage and they were both flavorful, hearty and high in sodium and cholesterol which is exactly what you are looking for when you order these puppies.

Eastside Market Italian Deli
This is like lingerie sexy to me. Don’t judge. Just accept.

Their marinara is on point.

The atmosphere and working class charm is also on point and I can’t wait to go back so I can say their Italian sub is on point.

Definite Flavorboner.

I can’t believe I had to learn about this place through Guy Fieri and not through word of mouth. For an ex-New Yorker you don’t get closer to home than this. Everyone who works their has a thick, New York Italian accent.

Just ordering from their counter is a welcome change of pace from LA as they are not petting my hand while asking me what I want, they are slapping it with a ruler to hurry me up because their is a line of city engineers, assistant DAs and cops  waiting impatiently for their turn to load up on this hunk of Italian American culinary magic.

I am reminded of my childhood when my father used to take me and my brother to the infamous Manganaro’s on 38th and 9th Ave in NYC’s famed Hell’s Kitchen. It has the same authenticity, flavor and fun.

I think most people are under the impression that the working man’s Italian menu of meatballs, marinara, lasagna, sausage and peppers is not really cooking – and they are dead wrong.

Most “Italian” establishments in LA make a shitty traditional meatball and horrible “gravy.” What seems like something very simple and impossible to fuck up, more than often is.

So when someone does it right. They deserve respect. Much respect.

Eastside Market Italian Deli
This is the very definition of authentic. Look at this deli counter!

When summing up my feelings for the Eastside Market Italian Deli I think of  Luca Brasi while waiting to meet the Don and he is practicing the speech he has prepared.

“Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me into your store on the day of my massive hangover. And may my next sandwich be an Italian cold cut sandwich.”

Eastside Market Italian Deli rock on with your bad self.

See you soon!