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Born July 4th, 1972 Eric Monsky’s formative years were spent in Manhattan where he was raised. The son of a successful news producer, he had the good fortune to attend the prestigious Trinity High School on the Upper West Side. His high school education continued at The Crossroads School in Santa Monica when his family relocated, which was his first exposure to Los Angeles and where he started writing; submitting poems and short stories to his high school publication. In 1991 he attended Trinity College in Hartford, CT and chose to focus on creative writing and English Literature, but one film class inspired him to apply for a scholarship and transfer to NYU Film School. Monsky found himself seeking work in the budding industry of “reality television” where his narrative talents afforded him the opportunity to rise quickly within the ranks while still penning screenplays and television pilots, but Monsky realized that the films that he loved to watch he unfortunately hated to write. After ten years beating his skull against the impenetrable wall that is Hollywood Monsky decide to return to his first love, prose. The tragic death of his father from leukemia was his inspiration to quit his job and life in Los Angeles and travel the world. While traveling through SE Asia and Indonesia Eric started writing notes for his first novel and when he returned to the States he relocated to Austin, TX to pen AVERSION .


Eggslut… Insane Breakfast Sandwiches at Grand Central Market in DTLA

Eggslut... Insane Breakfast Sandwiches at Grand Central Market in DTLA
The Sign That Leads the Way to Happiness

Eggslut you have turned me into your whore. There isn’t an item on your menu that I will not inhale.

I’ve crossed off the ‘slut’ and the ‘gaucho’ so far. The slut was salty love and the textures were silky sweet.

The steak in the gaucho was marvelously marbled and the chimichurri and caramelized red onion were the perfect lacy nightgown to an already naughty pleasure.

Next up, Eggslut, are your breakfast sandwiches and burgers as the aroma of your sizzling bacon and fatty patties along with the sight of your lava dripping cheddar stirred up my honeypot.

Eggslut... Insane Breakfast Sandwiches at Grand Central Market in DTLA
The ‘Slut’

Much respect.