Bar Ama

Bar Ama is the Sh*t.

Bar Ama is the Sh*t.
Y tu Ama Tabién

This isn’t Tex-Mex. It’s Sex-Mex.

Sweet, salty Jesus, this place rocks! To call Bar Ama Tex-Mex is not doing this establishment justice. Josef Centeno is a genius and with Bar Ama he has once again impressed me.

I first became aware of this chef’s talent through his first restaurant, Baco Mercat. When he opened up Bar Ama I was excited to research the menu, and was stammering reading aloud the dishes to my girlfriend.

Chile Pork Pot Pie. Pork Shoulder Steak. Braised Short Rib Chalupa. Are you fucking kidding me?!

I was also excited to see that at Bar Ama Josef has continued his tradition of creating inventive vegetable dishes like Cauliflower & Cilantro Pesto and Broccolini Torrada with tepin chile, walnut oil, anchovy and cotija. Bar Ama has a wild menu that flirts between the expected and unexpected and that’s what also intrigues me about this Chef.

I took my girlfriend to Bar Ama for Sunday Brunch, the menu didn’t have some of the dishes that had gotten me all hard from the jump, but it didn’t matter. The Brunch menu was just as fun and we were eager to play.

We got the queso dip with chorizo to start and jumping jelly bean it was the best appetizer I had ordered in quite some time. It was so addictive and I consumed it at such a fast rate that I could actually feel the thickness in my blood altering to the consistency of the molten lava cheese.

I got the Chile Relleno and my gal got Mom’s Green Enchiladas with chicken. The Relleno was sweet and spicy and the flavor of the beef picadillo was naughty yummy. As good as it was though, the enchiladas blew it away.

I only had two bites, as it was not my dish, but in those two bites it was clear to me that I had never had enchiladas done right before, in my life, because this dish totally redefined what enchiladas are supposed to taste like.

The flavors were rich, complex and layered. As each layer of flavor dissolved I was welcomed immediately by another one.

It was an endless orgasm.

Just as one spasm ended another one arrived. Just when you thought there were none left to have and your tank empty, you had one more.

This may not be your experience with Bar Ama’s enchiladas but I definitely think you should order them for yourself and find out.

Enjoy the flavorgasm!

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