Blossom, the Real Dealer of Vietnamese Food on the Eastside

Blossom, the Real Dealer of Vietnamese Food on the Eastside
My Zen has Already Begun

I spent six weeks in Vietnam so this is a cuisine I have had much exposure to.

First off, I am a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine. I love the Pho,  I crave their crepes and I salivate over their Bún.

The Vietnamese have a wide variety of fantastic Búns.

But Pho is my favorite. My go-to. My baby. There is something about rice noodle bathing in a tub of spicy broth swimming with chili peppers, bean sprouts, basil, spring onion, cilantro, of course lots and lots of fresh lime and multiple squirts of the Devil’s sperm – Sriracha, that satisfies my soul.

Now, there is no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants in Los Angeles.

There are Pho shacks  everywhere and I have never had a horrible experience, but I really enjoy the no thrills, mom and pop, kinda run down joints.

It brings me closer to the Vietnamese experience of eating on street corners and in back alleys in Hanoi, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.

However, I am fully aware that this is not the norm. Most people want some atmosphere and definitely require cleanliness, and Blossom carters to that clientele and does it wonderfully.

Blossom does a kick-ass job serving up traditional dishes with authentic flavor. It also provides an interesting upscale, chic atmosphere while still being casual. This is peasant food after all.

I suggest as a starting point to your meal order the spring rolls and wrap them up with their lettuce and veggies and dunk them into a tea cup loaded with soy sauce and chili paste or fish sauce. The Vietnamese are known for their fish sauce.

Then wash it down with a cold bottle of “33” (Vietnamese beer) as a little foreplay before you get ready to f*ck your entree.

Blossom is a great alternative to many pricey dining experiences without having to sacrifice flavor or quality, and there are two locations; Silver Lake and Downtown Los Angeles.

If you enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, you must try Blossom.

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