Hal’s Bar & Grill

Hal’s Bar & Grill in Venice… One of the Last Untouched Abbot Kinney Gems


Old School Abbott Kinney
Old School Abbott Kinney

When I think of Venice, CA fondly I always think of one of its oldest institutions… Hal’s. Hal’s Bar & Grill has been on Abbott Kinney longer than any other business on the block and will continue to thrive despite being the grandpa of the family because it is simple, it is good and it offers a guaranteed good time.

The bartenders make a mean martini and their turkey burger is amazing. It’s my favorite in LA.

Hal’s Bar & Grill menu is simple, unpretentious American fare with meat, fish and poultry options and the food is always prepared with professionalism. It’s not the best plate of grub in LA but for $25 and under for entrees, you get solid quality for what you are paying.

The service can be a curt and rushed and generally lacks a certain je ne sais quois but the art of true dining service unfortunately only exists in a handful of establishments.

It’s really the atmosphere at Hal’s, the clientele, the artwork/ photography and the live Jazz that intoxicates me. It’s a big, wide open space with comfortable seating. There is always an eclectic group in attendance, people I actually want to be around which is rare in LA and especially now with the new and unimproved Abbott Kinney the kind of people that it has attracted makes it the sister school to Beverly Hills High.

Most places on Abbott Kinney, the clientele piss me off. They are eating out to show off their new shoes, haircut or fucking handbag. They are out to show how awesomely privileged they are, not to contribute to their environment but to suck it’s life force dry with every selfish breath they take.

The people that go to Hal’s Bar & Grill are as jovial, sincere and genuine as the restaurant itself and now that I have moved out of Venice, it is the reason that I return to Abbott Kinney.

Thank you Hal’s for being an establishment with character and heart. There aren’t many places like you left.

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