HomeState Fills my Migas Hole
HomeState Nailed it with their Logo

HomeState Fills my Migas Hole

I have been on a quest ever since I moved back to Los Angeles from Austin, TX to find two things. Migas and Breakfast Tacos.

Now I have had tried versions of said meals in LA since my return but they paled in comparison to what I experienced in the Texas capitol. You see, breakfast tacos and Migas are to that part of the world as red beans and rice and crawfish are to New Orleans. They are a beloved institution one worth adopting as your own.

This afternoon at 1:10 pm my three year quest ended when I walked through the doors of HomeState.

I had gone to the neighboring wine bar Covell the night before with my girlfriend and when I saw their menu I bit my hand to contain my on-set erection.

Migas with shredded brisket? Chorizo, cheddar, onion and egg breakfast tacos? They even make their own tortillas. WHAT!?!

I was immediately transported back to Austin and my tastes buds cascaded with memories of Juan in a Million and Torchy’s. I promised myself that I would return to HomeState the following day.

Caveat: I have learned over many years and many disappointments not to raise my expectations when an opportunity presents itself to afford me EXACTLY what I want, but EXACTLY what I wanted was EXACTLY what I got at HomeState.

THE MIGAS: The flavors of the egg, onion, cheese and shredded fried tortilla strips were perfectly intertwined. They were so wet, gentle and bursting with flavor. The cherry on top shredded brisket was moist, juicy, silky and danced the tango sensually in my mouth. You can get the Migas nakey but the brisket was the perfect baby-doll nightie for this full bodied Lolita.

HomeState’s chorizo breakfast taco was every bit as amazing. The textures of the home made flour tortilla coupled with egg, chorizo, onion and cheese was velvety smooth. The three tiers of nirvana collapsed around my tongue in a warm gentle wave and tingled my toes.

The interior space and outdoor dining area of HomeState very much remind me of the Austin aesthetic, down home, eclectic, cool and I was comforted to learn that the owners were from Texas.

Thank you so much, HomeState, for bringing my fondest culinary experiences of Austin to Los Angeles. I had been looking forever and now the search is over. You have my breakfast taco heart and my Migas soul in your capable hands.

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