Little Dom’s

Little Dom’s Offers Laid Back Italian Brunch Fare in Los Feliz

Little Dom's Offers Laid Back Italian Brunch Fare in Los Feliz
Happiness awaits

If you live on the Eastside of Los Angeles then chances are you have dined at Little Dom’s on Hillhurst. Personally, I have not had dinner there only brunch and lunch which has always been enjoyable or better. There food is consistent, flavorful and fun.

I always, always get the fried rice balls because they are, well, they are an awesome Vegas pool party in my mouth, that’s why.

I’ve also really enjoyed Little Dom’s Smoked Salmon Pizza, their Egg and Speck Pizza, and the Eggs Fungi with Hollandaise.

This is billed as an Italian American eatery with lots of traditional pasta dishes that I itch to wrap my tongue around, especially the Spaghetti and Meatballs because I have sampled the meatball with marinara from their side deli and they were excellent.

The Deli at Lil’ Dom’s next door deserves a long golf clap as well (try the French Ham and Fontina Pressed sammy).

Little Dom’s atmosphere is cool, very laid back and comfortable. Interesting and sophisticated enough to be considered a date spot but not formal enough that you have to change three times before going out the door.

The only minus that I would give Little Dom’s is the service. There are a couple of lobotomized waitresses zombies walkin’ through their shifts but hey, this is LA.

Thumbs High Little Dom’s.

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