Mother Dough

Mother Dough
Sign Above the Front Door of Mother Dough

Mother Dough Offers Very Near to Traditional Neapolitan Pizza on Hollywood Blvd

Mother Dough, named after the ‘pre-ferment’ process of which they have adopted, is a magnificent wood fire pizza joint. Their 6,000 pound oven lights up at 850 degrees Fahrenheit cooking your personal Neapolitan pie in just a mere sixty seconds.

Now I’ve been to Masa, and yes they are as every bit as delicious as everyone says they are, but if I had to pick between the two I would choose Mother Dough every day of the week and twice on Sundays because they are every bit as good without the pretentious crowded bullshit of Masa.

The sauce, cheese and texture of the bread reminded me of Neapolitan pies that I’ve consumed in Florence, Rome and Naples. The sauce in particular Mother Dough nailed down to a tee. It’s true Italian pie dressing.

Their wine list is actually very good and pair well with their pizzas. The only thing stopping me from giving Mother Dough five stars are two things. One, they need to up their appetizer game a little. There aren’t many options and the ones that are there aren’t that exciting. Two, though the simple industrial space is super chill and allows for a relaxed environment, it is a little too dressed down for the quality and price of the menu. This place after all is catering to the couple and dating crowd. Two dudes are not spending this kind if cash to eat ‘za and If I am going to spend 80-90 bucks on two small pies, two glasses of wine and one appetizer, the least they can do is, dim the lighting a little, throw some candles on the tables and dress the joint up a tad.

Mother Dough if you’re a date spot, take a half hour and make it feel like one. That being said, I’m diving into one of their circles of joy an afternoon very soon. I just won’t make it date night with my lady.

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