OB Bear

“OB, You’re Like A Big Bear, Man”

"OB, You're Like A Big Bear, Man"
Outside of OB Bear on 7th St

One visit to OB Bear and you will fall in love, just as I did.

They make the best homemade noodle I’ve had outside of Italy. They are fluffy, lite, flavorful on     their own and soak in the geyser of joy that is their spicy sauces. I order OB Bear’s fried pork dish but order whatever and the result will be the same. Happiness.

Also, order their noodles plain as an extra side (thick $2, thin $3) and dunk them from your chopsticks into their very special soy, chili and scallion concoction.

Do it. Just do it.

Just raise and lower those noodles up and down, twirl them around and absorb the love. Then sip your beer and repeat. Repeat. And…repeat.

OB Bear serves Hite by the pitcher and it’s served super cold too!! Coldest pitcher of beer I’ve come across in LA and now that summer has arrived I will be returning ASAP.

This is an excellent alternative to overcrowded sports bars on the weekends that provide lousy service and shoddy food because, well, they are overcrowded. OB Bear has plenty of television screens ranging from medium to large sizes.

This is a fly under the radar place for most. You could drive by it a hundred times and not think twice as their energy has not been placed on showmanship but in quality. And I must say I get a kick out of the fact that OB Bear’s tables have buzzers to alert the staff for their assistance.

Get on your phone. Open your calendar app and pencil in a time for this place.

I’d give yourself at least two hours… and a few pitchers.

"OB, You're Like A Big Bear, Man"
Me and My Gal’s Hungover Gluttony Glee

Honorable Mention: Spicy Chicken Wings. By comparison to OB Bear’s other dishes I don’t find them that spicy but they are delectable little treats. Kinda like Chinese orange chicken on the bone with a little kick to your shin.

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