SilverLake Ramen

SilverLake Ramen – My Sodium High

SilverLake Ramen - My Sodium High
This joint is ALWAYS busy

salt. salt. salt. nom. nom. nom. ramen noodle soup. down. down. down. further into my belly.

Slide on in spicy pork broth. Take a seat there Mr. Pork and Mrs. Belly. Oh, and I got room for you Ms. Chili Garlic Sauce, you nasty little bitch.

Welcome to SilverLake Ramen, the bordelo for my soul.

I’ve gone to SilverLake Ramen like four times and every time I leave my body feels like I’ve been fucked to death by a seven foot Amazonian goddess.

The soup is so rich and the noodle so hearty and the sodium level so ridiculously high, my hands swell to the point of bursting. But that’s a good thing. You could go for the slightly healthier chicken broth option but really, why? If you are going out, go for flavor or stay the fuck home and eat your salad and canned tuna.

silverlake ramen 2

SilverLake Ramen’s Tonkotsu Spicy Soup is my prostitute of choice. Pork Belly, of course, and I always get extra noodle because the bowl of broth is so huge you can drown Peter Dinklage in it.

This truly is enough pleasure for any mere mortal but if you are one of those people that just has to have an appetizer or they don’t feel like they are being civilized then get the crispy rice with tuna, it is also excellent.

Just writing this is getting me horny for this place all over again.

SilverLake Ramen, I’m coming for you, baby!

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