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Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

Tomato Pie Me Please!

Tomato Pie Me Please
Welcome Friends

This is a solid option for pizza on the east side of Los Angeles.

Their slogan is “East Coast Flavor,” which takes balls and balls Tomato Pie has along with quality, integrity and tongue tingling flavor.

Their ingredients are fresh and their ¬†crush is top notch. Tomato Pie doesn’t drown their pies with too much sauce and they don’t smother the dough with too much cheese. Their delivery is timely and the pizza will be at the very least warm if not still a little steamy.

These guys are pizza pros and they care about their food.

Tomato Pie’s menu is extremely creative going past the yawning norm of “the deluxe” or “meat lovers”. With menu options like:

  • the Fiesta, which dons ground beef, red onion, jalapeno, red & green bell pepper and is topped with Chipotle sauce and
  • the Mediterranean, that couples spinach, zucchini, corn and Roma Tomato with Feta and kalamata olives

But the Big Kahuna, the mighty flavor boner and the pie that has saved me on many a hungover Sunday or Saturday is… the Syracuse.

Tomato Pie Me Please!
Dun Dun Dunnnnn!

I don’t know the back story of how they came to invent such a saucy and sexy slice of life but I am eager to meet Tomato Pie’s owners one day and find out.

It is as if they were in lab coats testing out how to marry the flavors of hot wings and pizza perfectly…. and the motherfuckers did!

They ever went a step further and made two versions of the pie because hot wings eaters are as divided about their dipping sauces as health care. Do you want ranch or do you want blue cheese?

Ironically, I’m a blue cheese guy with hot wings but with pizza I go with the ranch.

The Syracuse… my bitch.

For those unwilling to change tactic order the bleu cheese version, called Buffalo-Style.

I’ve stopped by Tomato Pie’s brick and mortar many times and I really like their atmosphere. Small with just a few benches, and they definitely had a lot of fun with their color schemes. Lots for bright greens and oranges.

It’s just a fun place to pop in for a half hour with a buddy and catch up.

Tomato Pie Me Please!
Oh go f*&% yourself

Thanks Tomato Pie, it’s good to know there are people out there that are passionate about everyday comfort and are looking to improve on what is already a timeless proven joy. It’s not easy but you make it look that way.