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Red Lion Tavern

Red Lion Tavern German Beer Garden, Sausages, Potato Pancakes and more… in Silver Lake

You really can’t say anything bad about a Bavarian Beer Garden because you always leave super wasted, at The Red Lion you leave super wasted and insanely full.

Red Lion Tavern
Red Lion Tavern Entrance on Glendale Blvd

First, the atmosphere is so over the top, it inspires you to eat and drink in a manner keeping with your surroundings. It’s unabashed and unapologetic kitschy decor creates a theme park experience albeit and adult theme park as you are also allowed to smoke in the outdoor area; one of the last places in LA that you can and I adore them for it.

Light'em up, up, up!
Light’em up, up, up!

Red Lion serves a wide variety of German beers and their food menu offers every single German benchmark food you can think of, bratwurst, knackwurst, potato pancakes, schnitzel, and sauerbraten.

What the p*rk you want?!
What the p*rk you want?!

I almost always get the sausage platter and potato pancakes…I’m a creature of habit. And I always sit outside in their garden patio. The sun hits the area so well and at dusk there is usually a very pleasant breeze. I appreciate that they employ Germans as to ground the establishment with a semblance of authenticity.

The German Beer Garden experience isn’t one that I crave weekly but when it rears it’s lovely head I take comfort in knowing exactly where to go when it does.