The Punchbowl

The Punchbowl: My Cleaner

The Punchbowl: My Cleaner
My organs are in your hands

Everyone needs a “cleaner,” a Jean Reno, someone or something to right the wrongs, slaughter your enemies and clean up the mess you have left behind. Welcome to The Punchbowl. My hero, my cleaner, my free radical assassin.

I drink.  

Why, you ask? Because I love booze. I do.

I love the taste of beer, wine, whiskey, bourbon and vodka. I heart cocktails, pints, shots, and champagne. I look forward to a solid buzz and I welcome when “drunk Eric” trips against my door, hollering at me to come out and play.

So yeah, I drink to access.

I’d say conservatively twice, ok fine, sometimes three times a week.  And yes, I know this is not “Tony The FuckingTiger” type behavior but it is what it is, for now anyway.

The Punchbowl: My Cleaner
Preventative medicine

This is where The Punchbowl comes in. My neighborhood organic  cold press juice haven. I go just about every other day to cleanse my liver, massage my intestines and pamper my kidneys.

Apparently, cold press juicing is the “it” way to drink your veggies and fruits these days because the motor in the juicer generates no heat thus allowing ALL the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to drip into your glass.

I go for the Pink Chia Punch (grapefruit, beet, pear, chia, ginger) for the hangover days because grapefruit and beet are supposed to work wonders on your liver. 

For the days that I am just being healthy for the sake of being healthy, I hit one of any four of their green drinks: the Winter Greens, Wonder Greens, Ardent Greens or Meadow Greens.  The employees at The Punchbowl would be a better resource to ask which green drink is supposed to do what or check their website.

I am just proud I know what fruits and vegetables are best for my liver.

The Punchbowl: My Cleaner
Greens motherf*cker, greens!

These cold pressed juices are not flavor boners nor are they meant to be but for what they are, they taste pretty good.

The juices are not chunky or swampy, they are the Tropicana of cold press juice as the texture is silky smooth or crisp and light depending on what witches brew you order. They also serve delicious and creative smoothies but I’ve only had a couple as I go there enough as is.

I always wake up faster when I chug one of the bitches down and for the most part it has replaced coffee for me… except for the weekends.

Anyway, if you are a reluctant or amateur health nut like myself, find one of these type of stores in your hood, as The Punchbowl has not been franchised just yet, and make  a habit of drinking these.

If you like to lash your liver then the least you can do is pet it the following morning.

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