The Tap Room

The Tap Room has Potential… After a Menu Re-haul

So, I almost never make it out to Pasadena. Even for someone in Los Feliz it can be a little bit of a jaunt and one must have a good reason to go; a dangling golden carrot drawing you out so to speak.

That golden carrot was two free tickets to The Pasadena Playhouse with my girlfriend to see STONEFACE, a bio-play on the life and times of Buster Keaton, which was very impressive and that venue is one of the best in Los Angeles up there with Pantages and Geffen.

Anyway, after the play I took my girl for a post play cocktail at The Tap Room located at the historic Langham Huntington Hotel.

The bar itself has a glow, the wood a sheen. The lighting fixtures and accents from the throw pillows to the flowers are all extremely elegant and very tasteful. The environment at The Tap Room bleeds lounge culture especially, with the live jazz band who were entertaining.

I do, however, have a problem with The Tap Room. The fault is not in the atmosphere or the accoutrements or even the cocktails which were fine, as was the service. It’s the bar food. It’s horrible.

For an upscale hotel bar you expect much better quality.

The lobster mac and cheese is bland with zero lobster flavor, just a couple of bits tossed in when baking. And they used KRAFT noodles which is just not cool. The Tap Room’s shrimp tempura is fried beer battered shrimp that you can get at Buffalo Wild Wings and a lot cheaper. And they charged $12 for three small shrimp.

I will be going to The Tap Room again at some point because it is a wonderful experience, and I will be sampling other items on the menu to see if the food improves.

I wanted to give The Tap Room 4 stars, I really did… maybe later.

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