The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow

the thirsty crow
Good times!

Did you know that The Thirsty Crow is a children’s short story? I didn’t.

But I did know that it is also a speak easy theme saloon. One for the more sophisticated boozer.

There is a time for a shot of Maker’s and an ice cold Heiny and then there is a time for an artfully crafted Old Fashioned.

Sometimes you require the company of degenerate, mildly literate drunks and Dropkick Murphy’s others, well attractive erudites and Charles Mingus.

If you chose the later on both counts then The Thirsty Crow is the hooch house for you.

Smack dab in the epicenter of Silver Lake, The Thirsty Crow rests along Sunset Blvd. I went there often when my girlfriend used to live down the street with her sister. It was our go to cocktail and our preferred candle lit hideaway.

You see it’s not just the finely made cocktails that are intoxicating, it’s the dimly lit, intimate atmosphere as well.

In the back, a leather couch lines the entirety of the rectangular exposed red brick wall. In the front, cold libations and warm butt cheeks rest along bistro tables, chairs and leather cushion stools. It’s a slightly modern spin to a classic speak easy.

They have the ubiquitous art house ice cubes to chill your straight cast aged bourbon and they adorn your prohibition glass with properly peeled decorative fruit.

The horse shoe bar in the center of the main area houses an array of quality liquors, proper glass ware and tools with which to cook with. The vest and tie clad barkeeps shake, rattle and roll to beat of their own martini shakers and pour your medication with purpose and dignity.

The clientele for the most part are calm, cool, and respective of the intended beatnik vibe-nation so the ambient noise doesn’t intrude with your own dialoguing.

Obviously weekends don’t apply.

I spent many a night staring deep into my girl’s eyes by the front window, the flame from the candle doing its little c-walk. We’d look at the drink menu, deciding if were to get all fancy or sip it straight. I listened to her about her day. I’d share mine then we’d hold hands and enjoy the show.

The Thirsty Crow puts on a good one.

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