Ye Rustic Inn

Ye Rustic Inn is THE Quintessential Dive Bar of Los Angeles

Ye Rustic Inn is THE Quintessential Dive Bar of Los Angeles
Welcome to your dive bar

I moved to Los Feliz almost two years ago and upon arrival I do what I always do when I move into a new neighborhood, I checked out my neighborhood dive bars.

Dive bars and I have a relationship you see. Closer than most.

I rely on a good dive bar the way one leans on a friend that will just sit and listen when times are, well, shitty. Now I am not putting down kitty corner to Ye Rustic Inn, the Drawing Room, or the infamous by way of the movie Swingers, The Dresden, or the recent sports bar addition to Vermont, Public House.

Well, yes I will put down The Public House because it has no business in Los Feliz, it should move to Culver City. Not because it’s a sports bar. Sports bars are always welcome, but it looks like a corporate sports bar; a budding chain like Buffalo Wild Wings.

Anyway, the point is Ye Rustic Inn, affectionately called “The Rusty” by some, is THE Dive Bar of Los Feliz and competes or is at least worth being in the discussion of the quintessential dive bar of LA.

Ye Rustic Inn has all of the elements of a great dive bar:

  1. Pitchers of Beer.
  2. Wings (arguably the best in Los Angeles) as well as a kick ass burger.
  3. Tatted bartenders with confident yet surly attitudes.
  4. A ‘don’t fuck with me’ and ‘I won’t fuck with you’ attitude.
  5. Ye Rustic Inn is darkly lit with no windows so you never really know what time it is or how long you have been on your bender and quite frankly you don’t want to know.
  6. Ye Rustic Inn has comfortable red leather booths and tattered wooden tables/chairs as well as proper stools along their bar.
  7. A properly stocked bar, and by that I mean stocked with just the right array of booze, not too dressy (that’s for hotels and fine dining establishments) and plenty of your go to comfort whiskey’s, scotches, tequilas… whatever you liver commands.
  8. Ye Rustic Inn smells a little. A dive bar that doesn’t have its own unique stank is like a cat without fur.
  9. An eclectic clientele – this is a must and a true sign of a worthwhile dive bar. Without this element you can get shanked or worse you have to listen to some asshole pitching some retarded screenplay to some douche bag rep’ed by whatever agency.
  10. Management and bouncer. They are the face and strong arm of an establishment and if they aren’t cool then the place ain’t cool, and Ye Rustic Inn’s manager & bouncer, Jana and JT, are as cool as they come.

Oh, and did I mention Ye Rustic Inn has several screens to watch sports and they offer Karaoke on Tuesday nights, Bingo on Wednesday nights, and Trivia on Sunday nights? Well, most of you knew that already.

Thanks, Rusty, for always being there!

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